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Our brand and product logos are clear, impactful and recognizable.

Logo Options


  • All logo files are sized to 500px x the artwork bounds height.
  • All logo files have transparent backgrounds.
  • All logo files are cropped (no space around logo).
  • For most users, we recommend you download the PNG version of the logo. For developers, SVG is recommended.
  • SVG files are saved to be responsive, and use presentation attributes for styling.


Use the normal version of the logo on white or light backgrounds.


Use the reversed version of the logo on dark backgrounds.


Use the logomark for the favicon, the homescreen icon on smart devices, or when not enough space is available for the full logo.


To ensure that logos are clearly visible, surround them with clear space that is free of type, graphics, and other elements that might cause visual clutter.


Logo Crimes

To maintain the integrity of the logo and to promote the consistency of the brand, please do not misuse it. Some logo crimes are listed below.


Use unapproved color combinations.


Use a drop shadow.


Use the logo on top of complex backgrounds.


Disproportionately scale the logo.


Clip or crop the logo.


Rotate the logo.

More Best Practices

  • For designers/developers, use the SVG format when saving out a logo. SVG is vector-based, and allows an image to be scalable without any loss in quality.
  • Please do not minify SVG logos - this sometimes causes issues with complex logos.
  • Please consult the design team if you have any other logo requests or questions.