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Illustrations help convey complex ideas in a simple way. They should be meaningful and reflect a user's context and emotional state.

Illustration Style

  • Clean solid lines
  • Use majority midnight outline with predominantly white fill. Some outlines may be treated with accent colors for stylistic purposes.
  • Elements that are filled with solid accent colors generally don’t need an outline
  • When illustrating a people, use multicolor pixels to cover faces to represent anonymity


  • Portraits are made for our Privacy in Action guest bloggers and interviewees
  • Photos are submitted and traced in Adobe Illustrator
  • Facial features are simplified and our brand blue is usually used for hair, eyes, and eyebrows. If the person’s hair, facial hair, eye color, etc is very light, a lighter shade of brand blue may be used.
  • The fill color is white if the person has light skin. If the person has a darker skin tone, a lighter shade of brand blue may be used.
  • Midnight should be used for the outline and the shirt fill.