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Table of Contents

A table of contents provides links to sections of the same document.



  • The sticky functionality is a native CSS feature.
  • When a table of contents link is clicked, it anchors down to the respective heading.

States & Variations

Mobile - Contracted

On mobile, the table of contents is contracted, and a toggle appears.

Toc Mobile example

Mobile - Expanded

On mobile, the table of contents is expanded when the toggle is clicked.

Toc Mobile example


By default, the table of contents is sticky on mobile and desktop. A CSS class of toc--sticky is added to the parent element which makes it sticky.


Table of contents are a default component for all unified single flow templates. It can be enabled/disabled via the unified themes visibility options, at the post level.


  1. Table of Contents / Container
  2. Table of Contents Heading
  3. Table of Contents Item / Link
  4. Table of Contents Toggle
TOC Anatomy