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Article originality is one of our primary concerns. For ethical and legal reasons, the company has a zero-tolerance policy on plagiarism. Therefore, fair use and copyright should be, at all times, on your mind. These links have a lot of good, specific data.

Fair Use links:

Copyright links:

Be certain that your articles are 100 percent original. Do not copy from any other source, period. We take this issue very seriously.

While directly quoting a source (with proper attribution) is OK, you should not rely too heavily on this unless you’re writing an article based on an interview you personally conducted. Otherwise, limit the number of quotes you use. Stray facts and a multitude of quotes strung together by the occasional original sentence will make your work read more like a college research paper than a fresh, creative article. 

Similarly, avoid using quotes from interviews other people have conducted. If you think a quote would make the article better, conduct the interview yourself rather than repurposing others’ interviews in your own work.

The nature of the material that we cover can make it difficult for some writers to know when they are hovering precariously close to plagiarism or copyright infringement. We explain how things work. In doing so, we often rely heavily on the work of others to get to the essence of something. In many ways, our main goal is to take an otherwise complex subject and present it colloquially so the reader can fully comprehend the topic at hand. This is the key: presenting this information entirely in your own words in a way that’s both entirely original and easy to understand.