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Research Quality

Conducting high-quality research requires two basic steps. The first is to start with reliable sources, confirming any information you find with at least two sources. The second is to cite these sources appropriately. 

Whenever possible, you want to work from primary sources, such as academic papers written by the authors of original research and interviews with experts. Some resources for finding primary sources include:

Examples of reliable sources:

Examples of sources that are reliable only in some cases:

Examples of sources that are not considered to be reliable:

If you can’t identify the person or agency responsible for a particular work, it is usually not suitable for use.

No-fly list: Please do not use information from these sources in your articles.

Citing Sources

As you take notes and conduct research, create a list of all your sources. You will hyperlink and credit the source directly in the text. The hyperlink should go directly to the fact or thought cited. Other information that requires a hyperlinked citation includes: 

If you find that you are using lots of sourcing language, step back and examine your work. Are the words 100 percent your own and not paraphrased from any source in any way?