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A set of guiding principles that shape every aspect of our business.

True Privacy

Your data is yours. We store no IP addresses, no personal user data, no tracking cookies; nothing relating to you or your searches.

We started the movement towards private search in 2006 and have been the world’s most private search engine since the day we were founded. We refuse to compromise.

World’s best legal privacy protection. We’re HQ’d in the Netherlands ensuring all of our users worldwide are protected by stringent Dutch and EU privacy laws including GDPR.

The best results

People want to find, not search which is why Startpage partners with best-in-class partners for quality search results.


We’ll never tell you what to do, but rather provide straightforward facts and options to help you protect your online privacy.

Big Tech doesn’t have to know everything about everyone. If you want to search the web without sacrificing your personal data, Startpage is a choice you can make.

As privacy advocates we want to make sure there is always an option to protect your privacy. We help people draw the line when it comes to their personal data.