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Front-End Design

Some rules to follow when doing any front-end design for our publishing sites using the Unified Theme.


When a UI design is approved, we can then move onto building our designs out with code. Styling (CSS) and markup (HTML) are our main focus, and we always ensure our designs look great at all screen sizes. Strict guidelines have been set into place to make sure our CSS is optimized, properly formatted, and using the latest techniques.

All our themes are built on top of our Unified theme. This theme provides a great starting point for us, and is highly optimized to fit our needs. The majority of its components are reusable and require minimal effort for tweaking.


  • There are many styling guidelines that should be followed for our unified theme.
  • Please be vigilant about following them, in order to keep our code clean, consistent and maintainable.
  • Read our Front-End Design Guidelines

Examples of CSS custom properties

Some breadcrumb HTML markup utilizing BEM